Pebble Time firmware 3.6 adds voice dictation developer support

Dictation on Pebble TimePebble has released a new firmware update for its Pebble Time smartwatches. While most users may be disappointed to find no major new features, the new voice dictation API will allow developers to add new voice-powered capabilities to their apps. This will in turn allow users to take advantage of their Pebble Time smartwatch in new ways.

From keeping in touch hands-free to controlling smart homes and connected cars, the possibilities are endless. We’re excited to see what developers build with this sweet new tool.

Pebble Time firmware 3.6 change log:

  • Support for Pebble Dictation API. Pebble developers can now integrate voice features into their apps.
  • Timeline, notification, and stability improvements

To update your Pebble Time to Pebble Time firmware 3.6, simply Select Menu > Support > Update Your Pebble within your Pebble Time app.

Pebble Time Round

Pebble also released a new version of its Pebble Time App for Android. Along with support for the new Pebble Dictation API and the upcoming Pebble Time Round, version 3.6.0 adds improved notification filtering. You can now better manage how apps send alerts to Pebble and when (Always Mute, Mute on Weekdays, or Mute on Weekends).

The recently launched Pebble Time Watch for iPhone 3.3.1 also adds support for the new Pebble Dictation API and the upcoming Pebble Time Round.

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