Pebble Time Watch app for iPhone lands in Apple App Store

Pebble Time Android appWith Pebble Time shipments kicking off last week, more than one person turned to the Apple App Store to download the Pebble Time Watch app only to discover that it was not there as it was still awaiting approval from Apple. After almost 50 days pending review, Apple yesterday finally approved the app and it is now available for download.

At Pebble’ urging, fans and backers took to Facebook and Twitter earlier this week to press Apple to speed up the approval process. Whether it’s sheer coincidence or Apple heard Pebble fans, the app was approved shortly thereafter. Pebble thanked Apple and its fans in an email announcing the app’s availability:


It’s thanks to you, the one-million-and-growing community of Pebble users, developers, and fans that Pebble Time Watch is on the AppStore today. You carried this torch across the finish line. If only we could dish out a million-plus high fives to all of you.

We thank Apple for honoring the people who love both their Pebble watches and Apple devices. Apple’s attentiveness to the community means iOS Pebblers with iPhones can now enjoy both their Kickstarter rewards and Pebble’s awesome iOS-compatible apps. We’re glad to have Apple be a part of Pebble’s journey then, now, and into the future.

The Android version of the Pebble Time app has been available since May 29th.

Some 24,000 Pebble Time smartwatches have now shipped and over 47,000 of the 57,000 total Pebble Time Kickstarter rewards have been manufactured. All Pebble Time backers should receive shipping tracking numbers by June 21st.

Sources : Apple App Store // Google Play