Pricing for modular Blocks smartwatch announced

Blocks modular smartwatchThe start of the Kickstarter campaign for the modular Blocks smartwatch is now less than 24 hours away. While UK-based Blocks Wearables has revealed a fair bit about its smartwatch, it has until today described pricing only as “flagship affordable,” leaving us to wonder exactly how much it will go for. It turns out that “many of you have asked about prices.” Today, it announced via email that a Blocks Core and four modules will be available for US$250 (about CA$325).

Backers will not need to choose their modules immediately. Once the campaign closes, Blocks will reach out to find out which modules you want. In other words, you should have ample time to consider your options.

Blocks Wearables also revealed that it will give the Blocks community a 15 minute window to back their project before they open the doors to everyone. There will be ” a very limited number of super early bird and early bird prices available for the few hundred people who back us first.” The community will be notified via email as soon as the Blocks smartwatch campaign is ready to go live.

It’s not immediately clear if the US$250 price is that “super early bird” or if early backers will be able to get it for less. We’ll know in a few more hours.

The Blocks smartwatch Kickstarter campaign kicks off at 0900 PT (1200 ET or 1700 BST) tomorrow, October 13th.