Samsung Gear S2 pricing revealed?

Samsung Gear S2 and S2 ClassicSamsung revealed its next smartwatch earlier this week. The round Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic look like they could be winners for Samsung, especially now that it has opened up compatibility to a wider range of Android smartphones. Missing from this week’s announcement was pricing but those are now starting to trickle out.

A report by SammyHub indicates that Samsung has confirmed pricing for both Finland and Denmark. Both countries will launch the Gear S2 smartwatches in October.

The Gear S2 will sell for €349 (about US$390 or CA$515) in Finland and DKK2,599 (about US$390 or CA$515) in Denmark. The Gear S2 classic will go for €399 (about US$445 or CA$590) or DKK2,999 (about US$450 or CA$595).

Prices for other markets have not been announced so far.

The Danish and Finnish prices likely include the VAT (value-added tax) that is added in those countries on a wide range of products. If we adjust those prices by about 25% to get a better idea of what the Gear S2 smartwatches could sell for in North America, we find that the price ranges from US$310 to US$360 (CA$410 to CA$480). It suggests that the Samsung Gear S2 will not be particularly cheap when it lands in North America.