Swatch unveils Swatch Touch Zero One touch watch

Swatch Touch ZeroOneMondaine was not the only Swiss-based watch company to make an announcement yesterday. Swatch yesterday announced the Swatch Touch Zero One, an updated version of its Swatch Touch. Geared primarily at beach volleyball players and fan, it adds volleyball-specific tracking functions to the usual calories burned and steps taken.

Beach Volleyball is played all over the world, on beaches and in stadiums filled with huge crowds stomping their feet and clapping their hands as the action kicks up thrills and chills. Swatch and Beach Volley go way back – and now there’s a new Swatch Touch that makes the game even more exciting!

Swatch Touch Zero One takes the already popular Swatch Touch one step further, adding great new functions to pump up the excitement for both players and fans. It has all the Touch features that already make it so successful, from the curved touchscreen and built-in backlight to finger-tap and side-swipe access to six timing functions.

The curved display is all digital and is touchscreen-enabled to support controls such as taps and side swipes.

The watch tracks volleyball specific information such as Power Hits, Power Claps (for those times you will be spectating) and volleyball manoeuvres such as high hits and low hits. The information is then synced back to your smartphone and the Touch Zero One app so that you can see exactly how the game unfolded.

Swatch Touch ZeroOne

Unlike many fitness trackers, the Swatch Touch Zero One promises a battery life that will last “for months and months.”

With its thick bright yellow bezel and multi-hued band, the Swatch Touch Zero One may not watch any fashion award designs but it will put up with the rigours of beach volleyball.

The Swatch Touch Zero One will launch later this year and will sell for about US$160 (about CA$200).

Swatch will also launch its first smartwatch sometime in the next few months. Little is know about it so far but one confirmed feature is support for mobile payments via NFC.

Source : Swatch