Swatch Touch Zero One

Swatch plans range of smartwatches focused on specific needs

Swatch Touch ZeroOne

Swatch took its first steps into the world of smartwatches earlier this year with the Swatch Touch Zero One touch watch. It also promised a smartwatch with support mobile payments via NFC would launch this summer. CEO Nick Hayek last week told Switzerland’s Tages-Anzeiger that the companies smartwatch ambitions extend well beyond these two early devices. It is planning an […]

Swatch unveils Swatch Touch Zero One touch watch

Swatch Touch ZeroOne

Mondaine was not the only Swiss-based watch company to make an announcement yesterday. Swatch yesterday announced the Swatch Touch Zero One, an updated version of its Swatch Touch. Geared primarily at beach volleyball players and fan, it adds volleyball-specific tracking functions to the usual calories burned and steps taken. Beach Volleyball is played all over the world, on beaches and […]