What is Pebble counting down to?

Pebble TimePebble has just finished shipping all of its Pebble Time Steel smartwatches to Kickstarter backers. You’d think it would slow down for just a moment and catch its breath after closing out the most successful Kickstarter campaign over but, instead, it’s already teasing something new. A small countdown appeared at the top of its website last week.

Pebble September 23 2015 countdown

A quick bit of math and it appears that Pebble has something planned for September 23rd. The company reveals nothing else, asking instead that you you sign up with them to “see what’s next!”

Things get more interesting when you take a look at the source code for the web page:

Pebble September 23 2015 countdownYou will find a couple of mentions of a Pebble Smartwatch and a Pebble Steel Smartwatch. A bit further, the code also contains a link that also references this smartwatch. There you’ll find the April 1st Pebblet smartphone video from earlier this year. Pebble is clearly having a bit of fun!

As much as we would like to see Pebble release a new smartwatch, we suspect that Pebble will finally make the Pebble Timeline UI upgrade available for its first generation Pebble and Pebble Time smartwatches on September 23rd. After all, the device names match and the company did promise this update the same day it first announced the Pebble Time.

Source : Pebble