Is this the Microsoft Band 2?

Rumoured Microsoft Band 2The original Microsoft Band is many things but a fashion statement it is not. If new images leaked by Spain’s are any indication (and legitimate), Microsoft is looking to improve that with the Band’s successor which has been the topic of rumours since the summer. Expected to launch as the Microsoft Band 2, the new fitness tracker was codenamed “Envoy” during development.

The Microsoft Band 2 sports a new curved display and metallic accents. The former addresses one of the biggest complaints leveled at the original Band. The two-button design has been retained but they appear to be slightly more prominent. It also appears that the battery will be located below the display, resulting in a sleeker design.

Rumoured Microsoft Band 2

Under the hood, the Band 2 is expected to offer the same range of sensors with one notable addition. A new sensor will apparently be able to measure the “the height of physical exercise going up and down stairs.” Presumably you would not only get the number of steps climbed but also the total height.

The Band 2 is also expected to retain the ability to use Starbucks pre-paid cards in both the U.S. and the U.K. It should also retain compatibility with both Android and iOS devices as well as support Windows Mobile ones.

Rumoured Microsoft Band 2

The Microsoft Band 2 should launch in a greater number of countries than the original did. The new markets are expected to include Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

Microsoft is holding a press event on October 6th. It is very likely that it will officially unveil the Band 2 then along with new Windows 10 devices.

Sources : Microsoft Insider // Windows Central