Portable Dodocase SmartVR viewer kicks off Indiegogo campaign

Dodocase SmartVRShortly after Google first unveiled its Cardboard virtual reality viewer at Google I/O 2014, Dodocase came out with its own Cardboard-compatible viewer. Since then improved with bigger lenses and an Access Port for touch screen interaction, it remains a strong seller for the company that also makes cases for smartphones and tablets. Dodocase has now taken to Indiegogo to fund its next VR viewer, the Dodocase SmartVR. It improves upon the Cardboard models by being both sturdier and foldable for portability.

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Your smartphone is ready, are you?

Dodocase SmartVR

The Dodocase SmartVR is made out of glass-filled nylon and synthetic polymers with metal hinges and a removable faux leather lens cover lined with microsuede. The 34mm lenses are made of biconvex acrylic. It all makes for a more durable VR headset than a cardboard one and one that can also be folded up and taken wherever you go. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones that are 6 to 12.5 millimetres thick.

Certified by Google, a range of virtual reality apps are already available for download. Among these are New York Times VR (Experience the Streets of NY), VRStories (Fly with the Blue Angels), Porsche VR (Drive a 911 on a private test track) and Cedar Point VR Roller Coaster (Experience a theme park ride) among others.

Early backers will be able to get a Dodocase Smart VR headset for US$28. Other backing tiers are available if you’re looking for more than one headset or customized ones. Deliveries are expected to begin in June.

Source : Indiegogo