CES 2016: Mio Slice ditches step counting for Personal Activity Intelligence index

Mio SliceCanada’s own Mio today announced a new activity tracker that aims to make fitness monitoring more personal. The Mio Slice focuses on a new Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) index that focuses on maximizing your lifespan and reducing lifestyle-related diseases rather than the more usual daily goals like 10,000 steps.

The Mio PAI algorithm is based on the Hunt Study, a long term health project that monitored more than 60,000 individuals were closely monitored over 20 years. It found that the quantity and intensity of activity needed to stay healthy varies from individual to individual. Using all-day heart rate monitoring and additional factors such as age and gender, the PAI personalizes the quantity and intensity of activity required a person needs to maintain a score of at least 100. According to Mio, maintaining that score could increase your lifespan by up to 10 years and provide maximum protection from lifestyle diseases.

“Even with all the personal data you can collect these days on your health and fitness, until now, there’s never been a standard for how active you personally need to be in order to stay healthy,” said Liz Dickinson, CEO of Mio Global. “We hope to inspire and educate health-conscious and fitness-minded individuals by offering a new, more personalized metric to achieve goals based on their own unique physiology.”

Along with displaying the PAI, the Mio Slice activity tracker wristband will still track the usual steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep patterns. It will also offer smartphone notifications. It will be available in a number of colours when it launches later this year. It will be compatible with both Android and iOS.

The Mio Slice will be on display at CES 2016. It is expected to go on sale for US$99 (about CA$140) later this year.

Source : Mio Global