Concept Sunday: Ally activity tracker for you and your dog

Ally dog and owner fitness tracker conceptFitness trackers and other wearables have quickly established themselves as one of the hottest electronic devices. IDC recently reported that full year shipments hit 78.1 million units in 2015, up an impressive 171.6% over 2014. While most fitness trackers are geared at humans, a few devices are now available for your pets. The Ally activity tracker concept combines the two, allowing you track of both your and your dog’s activities and time spent together to promote a healthier lifestyle for both.

Ally dog and owner fitness tracker concept

The Ally is a two-piece device. The first looks like many other fitness bracelets and is worn by the owner. The second goes around the dog’s neck. A slot on the collar appears to let you clip in the tracking module from the owner’s device, presumably to track time spent together. There are two other pieces to the device: The first is a charging station and the second appears to be a leash. Unfortunately, no explanation is provided to describe specifically how the Ally works.

Ally dog and owner fitness tracker concept

A smartphone app provides activity reports both for the owner and the dog. Along with time spent together, it tracks the usual data such as calories burned. To motivate healthier behaviour, points are awarded for various activities. These in turn unlock rewards such as dog treats (presumably for the dog).

Ally dog and owner fitness tracker concept

The Ally activity tracker was developed by Jacqueline Bae, Thomas Belhacene and Sho Rust in 2013. With recent advances in technology, an updated version could incorporate more recent technologies such as Bluetooth and NFC.

There is no word on whether an Ally activity tracker for cat owners could be offered alongside.

Source : Behance