Concept Sunday: Apple iPocket Watch

Apple iPocket Watch conceptApple is expected to unveil a new Apple Watch model this fall, possibly alongside the new iPhone 7 smartphone. Most recent rumours suggest that it will come with upgraded hardware but only minor cosmetic updates. A complete redesign is not expected until 2017. But what if Apple had a “one more thing” moment in which it decided that the modern world was ready for the return of the pocket watch? That’s the question posed by the UK’s Chike Newman. Better yet for us, he answered it with his Apple iPocket Watch concept.

The single image gives us a look not only at what the Apple pocket watch could look like but also reveals a few details about how it would work.

Rather than an open-face design, the Apple iPocket Watch features a hunter case with protective flip cover lid to protect the dial. The case appears made of stainless steel with the same elegant lines as other Apple products. The watch chain would attach to the clasp at the top which could also presumably double as the crown. It appears that there is a single button next to it. The Apple logo is embossed on the back.

Needless to say, the dial is digital. Unlike the Apple Watch’s display though, a slim notification band rings the display, showing information such as 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a battery indicator. It could presumably show other notifications as well much as Android does on smartphones.

Does the iPocket Watch concept make you suddenly want a pocket watch? Let us know below.

Source : Behance