Concept Sunday: Sugar glucose watch

BOLTgroup Sugar glucose watch conceptA number of concept wearables for diabetics have already been featured on Concept Sunday. Among these are the Glycount diabetic management wearable and the Simplo glucometer smartwatch. Today we bring you another and this one may well be the most stylish of them so far. The Sugar glucose watch was developed by North Carolina’s BOLTgroup, a design and innovation firm, for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

BOLTgroup Sugar glucose watch concept

The Sugar glucose watch pairs with a Sugar Glucose Sensor to track sugar levels wirelessly. Its touchscreen OLED display not only displays your current glucose level but also presents a graph that shows how it trends through the day, helping you better correlate it to “where you have been, where you are going, and how your levels are affected by food and activity.” It will alert you by vibrating when sugar levels are getting close to limits.

The Sugar also comes with heart-rate monitor and pedometer to provide additional health and fitness information. Its semi-elastic band eliminates the need for bulky claps or buckles, making it easy to slip on or off. When paired with a smartphone, it can also help you control your music.

BOLTgroup Sugar glucose watch concept

Sugar does not solely rely on the Sugar Glucose Sensor. It can also connect and present data from other devices, including insulin pumps and Google’s glucose sensing contact lenses.

When more detailed information is needed, there is a Sugar smartphone app. Data is synced from the Sugar to the app which then lets you review your history over the previous days and weeks and share with your doctor if necessary. It would also present other fitness data collected by the Sugar, including steps taken, current heart rate and more.

BOLTgroup Sugar glucose watch concept

Much as many current wearables, the Sugar could be offered in a range of colours and eventually even styles.

There is no word on whether BOLTgroup is looking to take the Sugar glucose watch concept further.

Source : Behance