Concept Sunday: Utopian Smartwatch

Utopian smartwatch concept Wearables manufacturers are catching on that they will need to do more than simply shrink and change the colour of devices to attract a wider female audience. Meanwhile, industrial designer Imaan Naeem (who works for Motorola Mobility) has come up with her own concept for what she bills as the “ideal smartwatch for women such as myself.” The Utopian smartwatch is an analog watch that incorporates a number of wearable technologies in a way that is both “discreet and harmonious.”

The Utopian is a round watch with a case finished with rose-gold with a contrasting silver bezel. It features a white minimal dial with rose-gold hour and minute hands and quarter markers. It sports a small date window and two digital sub-dials located at the 12 and 6 o’clock marks. The latter two are ringed in rose-gold as well. It is completed by what appears to be a white rubber or silicone strap.

Few specifications are provided for the Utopian. The one detail we have is that it would wirelessly recharged. It would presumably be somewhat smaller than other smartwatches.

Utopian smartwatch concept

The watch incorporates both a heart rate and pedometer sensor to track fitness and health information. Data collected from these sensors is presented using the digital sub-dials. The smaller displays can also be used to show other types of information such as the time in a different timezone. The crown can be toggled up or down to select a sub-dial and rotated to cycle through the different displays. The watch would presumably come with Bluetooth connectivity to pair to a smartphone to also display various alerts and notifications.

While the Utopian is clearly aimed at women, it would not take much to bring its innovative crown to smartwatches geared at men.

Source : Behance