Fitbit Alta now on sale in Canada and U.S.

Fitbit AltaThe Fitbit Alta is Fitbit’s latest entry in the activity tracker market. Introduced in early February, it brings a greater fashion flare to fitness bands than we have seen from previous Fitbit models. The main module, a slim rectangular steel body wit a slender display, can be paired with a range of interchangeable bands in multiple colours and premium materials. Initially only available for pre-order, it can now be ordered directly from Fitbit both in Canada and the U.S. with shipments leaving within one or two days of order.

The Fitbit Alta offers the usual fitness and all-day activity tracking that Fitbit devices offer. It also tracks your sleep patterns and encourages you to be active with its “Reminders to Move.” Unlike some other Fitbit devices, it does not come with a GPS chip or optical heart rate monitor. Its OLED display not only displays fitness information but also a range of notifications from your smartphone.

Fitbit Alta

The Fitness Alta is currently available in silver with a choice of black, blue, plum and teal bands. It sells for US$129.95 (CA$169.95). If you need another colour, additional classic bands can be picked up for US$29.95 (CA$39.95). You can also pair your Fitbit Alta with a leather band in blush pink or graphite grey for US$59.95 (CA$79.95) or a metal bracelet for US$99.95 (CA$139.95).

Source : Fitbit