Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch now on sale

Fitbit BlazeThe Fitbit Blaze was unveiled at CES 2016. Fitbit does not call it a smartwatch but rather a smart fitness watch as it incorporates elements of both basic fitness trackers and smartwatches. It went on sale today in both Canada (earlier than expected) and the U.S.

The Fitbit Blaze adds a number of smartwatch features to the array of fitness tracking capabilities that you expect from a device bearing the Fitbit name. Smartphone connectivity enables it to receive a range of notifications and alerts. At the same time, it does not let you install third party apps so you will be limited to the features and functions that Fitbit decides to bake into the Blaze’s proprietary operating system.

On the fitness side, the Blaze tracks the usual range of sports and fitness activities, including continuous movement activities like biking. Heart-rate tracking (called PurePulse by Fitbit) adds all day information about overall health, including resting heart rate and heart rate trends over time. It can track additional information like distance, pace and minute-mile split times when connected to a smartphone with GPS.

Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is now on sale at both the Canadian and U.S. Fitbit websites. You will also find it at Amazon, Best Buy and other national retailers in the U.S for US$200. In Canada, you’ll also find it at Best Buy Canada and Indigo for CA$250.

Fitbit also offers a range of bands for the Blaze. Along with elastomer bands available in black, blue and plum for US$29.95 (CA$39.95), you can also pick up leather bands with stainless steel display frames for US$99.95 (CA$139.95) and a stainless steel link band paired with a stainless steel display frame for US$129.95 (CA$179.95).

Source : Fitbit