Google reportedly developing two Android Wear Nexus smartwatches

Google Android Wear 2.0Google is expected to unveil new Nexus smartphones when it releases the final version of Android Nougat. A new report suggests it could follow those up with one or two new Android Wear-powered smartwatches. A “reliable source” has told Android Police that the two smartwatches, one codenamed Angelfish and the other Swordfish, could launch under Google’s Nexus brand.

The Angelfish is reportedly the more fully-featured one of the two. It is expected to come with LTE connectivity as well as GPS and a heart monitor. All of these features will require a larger watch with current prototypes reportedly measuring 43.5 millimetres in diameter and more than 14 millimetres in thickness. The crown button is flanked by two additional smaller buttons.

The Swordfish is expected to be a smaller smartwatch without LTE connectivity or GPS – and possibly lacking the heart rate monitor as well. While still 42 millimetres in diameter, it would be considerably thinner at 10.6 millimetres. It will sport a similar design but will only have the one button on the side. It could eventually be offered in three colours: Silver, titanium and rose gold.

Both Nexus smartwatches will feature round displays and a design that is not quite as stark as that of the Moto 360. The Angelfish is expected to opt for a sportier look while the smaller Swordfish may take on a more traditional look. At this point, it appears that only the Swordfish will support Google’s interchangeable MODE watch bands.

Both smartwatches could also come with a number of features not found on other Android Wear devices. What these might be is not clear yet but Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently hinted that future Nexus devices may do away with a stock Android experience in favour of exclusive features. Perhaps one of these will be some exclusive watch faces offering faster access to notifications and information.

It’s not clear at this time whether both of these Nexus smartwatches will make it to market. Timelines are equally unclear at this point. Google may give us a taste of things to come when it releases Android Nougat along with Android Wear 2.0 but it appears that a launch may not come until next year at the earliest.

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Source : Android Police