Are these the rumoured Google Nexus smartwatches?

Rumoured Google Nexus smartwatchesRumours that Google was working on two Android Wear smartwatches gained further credence with the publication of some renders of what they could look like. The two images show the Angelfish and Swordfish Nexus smartwatches on the left and right respectively.

It must be noted that these renders were created by Android Police from source material provided by their sources. The renders are required to create the anonymity of their source. With development still underway, it is also likely that the final products, assuming that they reach that stage, will be somewhat or even radically different.

As expected, the larger Angelfish sports a more angular look while the smaller Swordfish. The latter sports a curved bezel for a more fashionable look.

The Angelfish is the more fully featured model of the two. Reportedly measuring 43.5 millimetres in diameter and more than 14 millimetres in thickness, it could come with cellular connectivity as well as GPS and a heart rate monitor.

Rumoured Google Nexus smartwatches

The Swordfish, seen on the right, is the smaller of the two smartwatches. Lacking cellular connectivity, GPS and the heart rate monitor, it measures 42 millimetres in diameter and 10.6 millimetres.

The Angelfish shows a new Android Wear 2.0 customizable watch face. The dial is split into eight wedges, each showing different information. The Swordfish display apparently has a “small amount of circular display bezel” so that there could be a gap between the display area and the watch bezel. This apparently would allow Google to allow the flat tire black bar seen on smartwatches like the Moto 360 models.

The report adds one more interesting detail. While initial speculation suggested that Google might launch its smartwatches under the Nexus brand, it now appears that Google is also entertaining releasing them either under the Pixel name (used so far for Chrome OS devices) or simply as Google devices.

There is still no word on if or when Google will release these Nexus smartwatches (or Google or Pixel smartwatches).

Source : Android Police