Google working on in-ear wearable companion for new Google Glass

Updated Google Glass for ExplorersGoogle shut down its Glass Explorer Program about a year ago. It promised at the time that we’d “see future versions of Glass when they’re ready.” Rumours since have hinted that Google is working on a new Google Glass Enterprise Edition as well as screen-less headsets that would rely on audio technology. The latter has now been corroborated by Adam Mathes, EVP of Business Development at United Sciences, who confirmed that Google is working on an in-ear wearable that would work in conjunction with Google Glass.

Speaking with Wareable, Mathes said that Google is already working with United Sciences’ Thad Starner on the project. Starner knows Google Glass quite well given that he was heavily involved in its development. “He’s (Thad) working with Google still on some kind of in-ear wearable and Glass combination. They’re very keen on the ear,” explained Mathes.

Mathes adds that Starner and Google already worked on such a project in the past. The initial project never made it to market for unspecified reasons.

Updated Google Glass for Explorers

The team behind Project Aura, the codename for the next generation Google Glass, is reportedly also working on two additional devices focused on audio. One will reportedly used bone conduction speaker technology while a second one would be used for fitness tracking. Google’s new in-ear wearable certainly sounds like a good candidate for the first project.

There is no word on when the new Google Glass or the new in-ear wearable might be released. Could it be as early as Google I/O 2016 in May?

Source : Wareable