Intel issues Basis Peak smartwatch recall

Basis PeakIntel temporarily halted sales of the Basis Peak smartwatch back in June over overheating concerns. The company went as far as advising users to stop wearing the Peak until the issue was resolved with a software update. A solution has remained elusive and Intel yesterday announced that it was issuing a recall for the smartwatch.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we aren’t able to develop such a solution without completely compromising the user experience. As a result, we are asking that you return your Basis Peak watch and authorized accessories for a full refund at your earliest convenience. This was a tough decision, but your safety is our top priority.

The smartwatch can overheat enough to cause burns or blisters on the skin surface. Intel estimates that the issue affected approximately 0.2% of the watches sold.

Intel has also stopped providing technical support for the Basis Peak due to the safety recall. It is allowing users to continue to access their data until December 31st but will then turn off all data services, effectively rendering the watch inoperative.

Users can return their Basis Peak smartwatch and authorized accessories for a full refund.

Basis Science was acquired by Intel in March 2014 for an undisclosed sum a few months before the launch of the Basis Peak.

Source : Basis