New Fitbit Sleep tools promise to help you sleep better

Fitbit sleep toolsFitbit yesterday released an update to its Fitbit app. It adds a set of new Fitbit sleep tools designed to  improve sleep consistency and overall health. The new features include personalized sleep goals that help you get the optimal amount of sleep and customized bedtime and wakeup targets. Reminders will help you stay on track. A sleep schedule history lets you chart your progress as well.

“What’s great about the new Fitbit Sleep Schedule feature is that it looks at your sleep data from your Fitbit device you’re wearing day and night, analyzes it for patterns and creates a personalized schedule just for you,” said Tim Roberts, Executive Vice President, Interactive at Fitbit. “This is a great example of how we’re providing guidance using Fitbit data to help millions of people develop healthier habits and routines, and is just the first in a series of new sleep features that we’re working on to help our users improve their health through data and coaching.”

Sleep is a critical element in maintaining your health. It can help reduce everything from  cardiovascular disease and diabetes to obesity. It can also improve neurocognitive functions, mental health and longevity. According to Fitbit’s sleep experts, consistent sleep helps maintain your circadian rhythm.

Fitbit’s new sleep tools include:

  • Sleep Goal: Based on your sleep data from your Fitbit tracker, you can follow the app’s personalized recommendations or set your target number of hours to make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night.
  • Bedtime and Wake Up Targets: Based on your sleep goal and past sleep behavior from your Fitbit tracker, the app will recommend target bedtime and wake up times. You can customize these based on your personal preferences and schedule.
  • Bedtime and Wake Up Reminders: To help you reach your sleep goal and regularly go to bed and wake up more consistently, you can receive push notification reminders on your smartphone. You can also set a silent wake alarm on your Fitbit tracker based on your wake up target.
  • Sleep Schedule History Chart: Track your sleep consistency over time to determine if you’re meeting your goals or if you need to adjust your sleep schedule.

Fitbit developed its new Fitbit sleep tools in partnership with a number of sleep experts, including ones from the University of Arizona, Stanford University and John Hopkins University.

The updated Fitbit app is now available for download for Android, iOS and Windows. It is compatible with all Fitbit trackers except the Zip.

Source : Fitbit