New Moto 360 smartwatches coming to IFA 2016?

Lenovo teaser for IFA 2016Lenovo is getting ready to unveil a range of new products. Ahead of the launch, it today posted a teaser video for its 2016 Holiday Product Launch event. It is scheduled to take place on August 31st, just days ahead of IFA 2016.

Join us August 31, as better reveals itself from the incremental to the incredible. From a new chapter in tablets. To new Moto mods. From devices that blur the lines of creativity and productivity to a whole new kind of intuitive keyboard.

The video suggests that Lenovo will unveil new Moto Mods for its Moto Z and Z Force smartphones along with a “new kind of intuitive keyboard.” Also on tap are new tablets as well as well as  devices that “blur the lines of creativity and productivity.” It also teases some bendable tablets and smartphones. While it’s unlikely that Lenovo will formally unveil such devices, it may give us a preview of what it is working on for future devices.

The video makes no mention of new Moto 360 smartwatches but current models pop up a number of times in it. With Samsung and ASUS already expected to unveil new smartwatches, it’s at least plausible that Lenovo will announce a new generation of smartwatches as well. After all, it did unveil the second generation Moto 360 collection days before last year’s IFA event.

Are you looking forward to a new Moto 360 smartwatch? Let us know below what you’d like to see from the next generation Moto 360.