FCC confirms upcoming round-faced ASUS ZenWatch 3

FCC label for ASUS ZenWatch 3ASUS unveiled its ZenWatch 2 last year at IFA 2015. It was among a dwindling number of manufacturers to stick with a rectangular – albeit curved AMOLED – display for its smartwatch. Recent FCC documents now suggest that the ZenWatch collection is about to get its first round-faced model. A closer look at those documents reveals that the device bearing model number QWI503Q appears to be none other than the ASUS ZenWatch 3. The FCC label in particular suggests that the new smartwatch will feature a round design.

As is so often the case, the more interesting documents, such as the user manual and external photos, are not publicly available due to a confidentiality request by ASUS. From the available materials, we see that the ZenWatch 3 will support both Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi. A stainless steel caseback (and entire case?) stamped with the watch’s name also appears to be in the cards.

Customized keys are also mentioned. No additional details are provided. The ZenWatch 2 had a single button on the side but the FCC documents suggest that the new smartwatch may have more than one.

It is likely that ASUS will unveil the ZenWatch 3 at IFA 2016. If so, it will not be very long before we find out more about the next ASUS smartwatch as the event is scheduled to run from September 2nd to September 7th.

Would you prefer to see a round-faced ASUS ZenWatch 3 or should ASUS stick with its rectangular design? Let us know below.

Source : FCC