Skagen Hagen Connected first in Skagen’s new line of wearables

Skagen Hagen ConnectedSkagen, the Danish watch maker now owned the Fossil Group, is the latest to jump into the wearables market. The company announced today that its first wearable will be the Skagen Hagen Connected. Rather than a full smartwatch, it is an elegant smarter watch similar to the Fossil Q Grant and Fossil Q54 Pilot in that it retains a traditional watch design and dial but complements it with a number of smartwatch-like capabilities.

The Skagen Hagen Connected will be able to track your steps and activities. A large sub-dial at the 9 o’clock mark will display progress against your goals. It will also provide email and text notifications and automatically adjust for different timezones when travelling. Skagen’s Link technology will also allow you to use the watch’s physical buttons as a control for your phone, allowing you to take a picture or control your music.

A standard coin battery will power the Skagen Hagen Connected. This will eliminate the need for nightly recharging but it’s not immediately clear exactly how long it will last.

Skagen will quickly follow up its smarter watch with an activity band called the Hagen Connected Activity tracker. Along with tracking your steps and goals, it will also control your music. No further details about it were provided today.

A  companion app will be available for both Android and iOS. It will presumably function like other such apps, giving you more detailed information about goals and progress against them and allow you to manage settings.

The Skagen Hagen will be available in four different styles along with interchangeable leather straps, steel mesh bracelets and silicone bands. It goes on sale in September for US$195 (about CA$250). The Hagen Activity tracker will follow in October and sell for US$95 (about CA$125).