The future of the Motorola brand

Motorola logoWe learned at the height of CES 2016 last week that Lenovo will phase out the Motorola brand. A new post on the Motorola brand provides more context for the decision. As we initially reported, Lenovo will focus its marketing on its Moto and Vibe (known as Le Meng in China) sub-brands for its smartphones. It’s not quite the end for the Motorola brand though.

The Motorola Mobility business unit will live on as a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenovo (as it has since the acquisition in 2014). It will continue to be responsible for the engineering, design and manufacturing for all of the Mobile Business Group’s smartphones and wearables.

The Motorola brand will also continue to appear on packaging and elsewhere, “so as to ensure that the rich history and association is never lost.” At the same time, the “Moto” brand will become the primary product brand.

“Moto” is synonymous with Motorola, and it conveys the Motorola brand to consumers in a contemporary and engaging way. That wasn’t the only thing that evolved — the iconic batwing was static blue or red for many years, and we made it fun and colorful. That symbol, which has come to represent the “Moto” brand, continues to play a prominent role, and will remain on our products and in our marketing.

At the same time, Lenovo, billed as “one of the few technology companies that can offer people a complete PC + tablet + smartphone experience,”will use its Lenovo corporate brand to tie all of their consumer and commercial products “together more holistically.”

Source : Motorola