Concept Sunday: Day One Glass Watch

Day One Glass Watch conceptNot everyone makes typical New Year’s Eve resolutions like getting to the gym more often or eating better. Thomas Radenne, currently attending the Institut Supérieur de Design Rubika in France, has decided instead to come up with a collection of concept watches. His first creation is the aptly named Day One Glass Watch. The idea is simple: Radenne wanted a watch that you could see through.

So I created this form that reveals what is beyond, then for the materials the glass was obvious, its transparency and its charming reflections matched so well with the watch.

Day One Glass Watch concept

There is almost no dial. A projection between the 8 and 10 o’clock extends to the center to hold the hands and presumably the watch mechanism. With no complications and hands for only the hours and minutes, it looks like everything needed could fit into this space. Even the hands look to be made of glass to ensure that no matter what time it is, you can see through the watch.

The case also appears to be made of glass with metal accents. From the images, it looks like the crown and lugs are made of pink gold. It’s not quite as clear what the markers and watch logo are made of. A brown strap completes the watch.

There is no word on specifications such as the movement, the size and materials used for the Day One Glass Watch (It is a concept after all).

Day One Glass Watch concept

It will be interesting to see what other watch concepts Radenne comes up with over the coming year!

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