Industry Canada to announce “more consumer choice and better service in the wireless market” on Monday

Cellular tower

More changes may be coming to the Canadian wireless industry sooner than later. Industry Canada late today announced that Minister James Moore will kick off next week with an announcement “to support more consumer choice and better service in the wireless market.” No further details are given but the announcement will take place at 0930 EDT in Toronto. Could Moore […]

Acer smartphones return to Canada with three unlocked devices including Liquid S1

Acer Liquid Z3

It’s been a while since we have seen an Acer smartphone in Canada but that is about to change. The company yesterday announced its return to our country with three unlocked smartphones. The Acer Liquid S1 is aimed at “on-the-go professionals and power users” while the Acer Liquid Z5 and Acer Liquid Z3 will slot in as Acer’s mid-range and […]

Use of portable electronic devices during all phases of flight coming to Canada

Computer use on airplane

Transport Canada today announced new rules that will make it easier to use portable electronic devices, including electronic games, tablets and computers as well as cameras, during flights in Canada. The change, announced by Minister of Transport Minister Lisa Raitt, will allow passengers to use their devices during all phases of flight, including while an aircraft takes off, climbs, descends […]

Reuters: Canada concludes 700MHz spectrum auction (Update: Confirmed)

Wireless antenna

Canada kicked off its 700MHz spectrum auction on January 14. It kicked off with 10 parties vying for the valuable spectrum after five others, including WIND Mobile, dropped out ahead of its start. With fewer participants, the auction had been expected to take less time but also possibly bring the government less revenues. Citing a number of unnamed sources, Reuters […]