Nixon Star Wars

Nixon Watches unveils Nixon Star Wars: Millennium Falcon collection

Nixon Star Wars Millennium Falcon Collection

The Nixon Star Wars: Death Star collection was released back in May. It only makes sense that the latest Nixon Star Wars collection focuses now on the Light side. The latest additions focus on the Millennium Falcon, the freighter made famous by smuggler Han Solo and Chewbacca, his Wookie co-pilot. The Millennium Falcon, originally known as YT-1300 492727ZED, was a modified YT-1300 […]

Nixon Watches unveils Nixon Star Wars: Death Star collection

Nixon Star Wars: Death Star collection

Nixon Watches first announced a line of Star Wars watches (and accessories) nearly a year ago. It has since released a number of additional watches including a Light Side collection. With May the 4th just days away, it is back with new Star Wars timepieces. The Dark Side is represented this time by watches inspired by the Death Star, the moon-sized Imperial […]

Nixon Watches unveils Nixon Star Wars: The Light Side

Nixon Star wars: Light side collection

Nixon this week unveiled its latest additions to its growing line of Star Wars watches. The new Nixon Star Wars: Light side collection is inspired by “the good guys:” Jedis, C3-PO and R2-D2. For the Jedi, there is the Ranger Chrono Leather SW, a 44mm chronograph sporting a Light Side vs. Dark side day chrono sub-dial at the three o’clock mark and a60 minute […]