Nokia launches Lumia 610 NFC, the first NFC Windows Phone

Nokia today announced an NFC (Near Field Communication) version of its Nokia Lumia 610. Windows Phone itself does not support NFC; Nokia developed its own software for its Lumia devices. Its NFC implementation will support pairing with NFC accessories, the reading of NFC tags and NFC payments and ticketing. It has also been certified for contactless payments with MasterCard PayPass […]

Apple wants even smaller SIM cards

According to a Reuters report, Apple wants SIM cards to get even smaller than micro-SIM cards in order to make even thinner devices. With the support of a number of carriers including France’s Orange, Apple has proposed a new SIM card standard to the European Telecoms Standards Institute (ETSI). Even smaller than the micro-SIM cards in the Apple iPhone 4 […]

Orange denies confirming Apple tablet

Orange moved quickly to deny that one of its executives confirmed the imminent release of the Apple tablet. Yesterday, Orange executive Stéphane Richard apparently confirmed the existence of the much-rumoured device during an interview. Orange is now explaining that some comments were taken out of context and misinterpreted when translated to English. According to an official statement, "These responses in […]

Orange executive confirms Apple iSlate tablet

In an interview earlier today, French carrier Orange executive Stéphane Richard, apparently confirmed the imminent release of the Apple tablet PC. Asked whether Apple was set to launch a tablet, Richard simply answered "Yes." Richard also confirmed the presence of a webcam on the Apple tablet. Apple is expected to announce its tablet PC, possibly to be known as the […]