Samsung Galaxy Folder

Galaxy Folder clamshell to launch as Samsung Galaxy Golden?

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy Golden

Evidence continues to mount that Samsung is looking to bring back the clamshell smartphone in the near future. In fact, it now appears that the Korean manufacturer may be planning two different models. According to SamMobile, the SHV-E400K, also known as the Galaxy Folder, may in fact launch as the Samsung Galaxy Golden in Korea. A separate model, the SCH-W789, […]

More information on Samsung Galaxy Folder flip smartphone

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy Folder

A user manual found on Samsung’s website effectively confirms that the Korean manufacturer may be looking to bring the flip phone back from the grave in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Folder Android-powered smartphone. Identified as the SHV-E400K, the flip phone appears to have two displays on the top portion, one on the inside and another on the outside, […]

Samsung to launch Android-powered Galaxy Folder flip phone?

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy Folder

We’ve seen how industries such as fashion and movies repeatedly reach back into the past to bring back old trends as something new. Now Samsung could be looking to do the same by bringing the classic flip phone back from the technological graveyard. According to the Korean website Digital Daily, Samsung is set to launch an Android-powered flip phone called […]