Windows Mobile

Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x to shut down May 17th

The Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x had originally been scheduled to shut down on May 9th. Microsoft has now pushed that date out and will now shut it down on May 17th instead. After this date, it will no longer be possible to browse, buy or download applications on Windows Mobile 6.x phones using the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace. Any […]

Microsoft to shut down WM6 My Phone service in August

Microsoft has announced that it will be shutting down the Microsoft My Phone service for Windows Mobile 6.x this summer. The move follows a decision to make Windows Live the principal and centralised cloud service for various Microsoft products. On 7 August, 2011, the Microsoft My Phone service will stop synchronising data between My Phone-configured Windows Mobile 6.x phones and […]

Velocity Mobile set to release Velocity 103 Windows Mobile Smartphone

Velocity Mobile announced that their first device, the Velocity 103, will be available by the end of September. Built on the belief that the simplest solution is the best solution, the Velocity Mobile 103 combines an easy-to-use Odyssey Interface, Velocity Over The Air updates (Vota) and a sleek and attractive design, to change the way people think about and use […]

Skyfire browser to deliver PC-like browsing to Windows Mobile

Skyfire Labs is set to introduce a new Windows Mobile Internet browser that promises to deliver the same browsing experience you have on your PC to your mobile device. Unveiled at the DEMO 08 conference, the browser supports technologies like AJAX and dynamic Flash that give other mobile browsers indigestion. For the first time ever, you can watch any web […]

Pocket PC does medical audio translation on the fly

I caught an interesting interview on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) this morning between the host (Andy Barrie) and Andrew Deonarine, lead programmer for OmniClin. Participating in the Imagine Cup 2006, OmniClin has developed a Pocket PC (and PC) spoken word translator for the medical field. Essentially, a health care worker will ask the device a question. The software analyzer […]

Windows Mobile vs Windows CE

Details about the next version of Windows CE were revealed back in early May. For those who are not sure how Windows CE is different from Windows Mobile, a new blog entry by Fernando Zandoná (Microsoft Latin America) sheds some light on the differences and similarities. In short, Windows Mobile is not Windows CE (and vice-versa), Windows Mobile has Windows […]