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Dual-booting Android and Windows Phone smartphones coming this year?

Microsoft Windows Phone 8

A rumour surfaced last year that Microsoft was looking to bring HTC back to the Windows Phone family with an offer of reduced license fees and perhaps even a dual-booting smartphone that would support both Android and Windows Phone. Whether HTC jumped on board or not remains unclear but it appears that it was the not the only manufacturer Microsoft […]

MWC 2014: Microsoft announces nine new Windows Phone hardware partners


Huawei was not the only company to get an early start on Mobile World Congress. Microsoft also today held a press conference. While it had no new devices to unveil, it did announce that it has added nine new Windows Phone hardware partners to “broaden the portfolio of devices for consumers and introduce new price points to accelerate growth in […]

Why Microsoft should launch the Nokia Normandy

Rumoured Nokia Normandy

Thanks to a number of recent leaks, a fairly clear picture has emerged about the Nokia Normandy. Geared at emerging markets, it could well become Nokia’s first smartphone to use the Google Android operating system. A number of reports have suggested that Nokia is using Android the same way that Amazon is for its Kindle Fire tablets. Using the open […]

Microsoft denies massive Windows Phone payments to manufacturers

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 GDR3

A report surfaced yesterday that Microsoft was ready to spend billions to woo manufacturers back to the Windows Phone platform. Frank X. Shaw, the company’s chief of corporate communications today dismissed these reports of Windows Phone payments via Twitter, calling the US$2.6 billion figure “complete fiction.” reality check. Do we do co-marketing with partners? You bet! But these numbers are […]

Microsoft to spend billions to woo manufacturers back to Windows Phone?


A number of recent reports have suggested that Microsoft is wooing manufacturing partners back to the WIndows Phone fold by offering various incentives. A story this summer suggested that Microsoft had asked HTC to offer smartphones with both Android and Windows Phone pre-loaded. Other reports suggested that Microsoft was also considering reducing or even completely dropping license fees and even […]

Sony confirms Windows Phone discussions with Microsoft


Following rumours that Sony Mobile could launch a Windows Phone smartphone later this year, the company confirmed that it is in fact in discussions with Microsoft over the use of its mobile operating system. Confirmation came as part of an interview between TechRadar and Pierre Perron, head of Sony Mobile Europe. “We are exploring this as part of our discussion […]

Sony Windows Phone smartphone coming in mid-2014?


Rumours that Sony would launch a Windows Phone smartphone have been around since mid-2010 when the company was still a joint venture with Ericsson. With Microsoft about to launch Windows Phone 7, Sony was thought to be working on a QWERTY keyboard slider with a 4-inch display codenamed Julie. It never came to be but the rumours have regularly resurfaced. […]