Apple introduces iPod nano

iPod nano

The Apple mini is not moving to solid state, flash storage as had been anticipated earlier. Instead, it will make way for the iPod nano which willl make use of flash storage like the iPod shuffle. Two models (2GB and 4GB) were unveiled at Apple’s September 7th special event, both with a 1.5-inch colour screen. The nano is very thin (0.27 inches) and 3.5-inches high and 1.6 wide (80% smaller in volume than the original iPod), features Apple’s famous Click wheel and is available in either white or black. It also comes with a 14 hour rechargeable battery and supports the dock connector.

The nano is priced like the iPod minis but offers less capacity. The 2GB model is available for $199 USD ($249 CAD) and the 4GB model sells for $249 USD ($299.00 CAD).

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