Apple iPod nano

Rumour: Apple to refresh entire iOS lineup with small connector this fall

Apple’s rumoured September 12th event could touch every iOS device that the company offers. iMore, which first broke the news on that date, now adds that Apple could use the event to transition its entire iOS lineup to the smaller Dock Connector that has been rumoured to make its debut on the iPhone 5. All in all, it could announce […]

Apple replacing recalled 1st generation iPod nanos with 6th generation ones

Apple last month issued a recall for its first generation iPad nano over battery concerns. While many wondered whether Apple would be replacing the older players with newer models, those hopes were dashed when users first started reporting getting their replacement units. Then reports emerged that other customers were getting newer replacements. Gadgetorama has now received its replacement unit and […]

Apple recalls first generation iPod nanos over battery concerns

Apple is recalling some first generation iPod nanos due to possible battery overheating risks. Affected devices were sold between September 2005 and December 2006 and have been traced to a single battery supplier that produced batteries with a manufacturing defect. According to Apple, “While the possibility of an incident is rare, the likelihood increases as the battery ages.” Apple recommends […]

Gadgetorama reviews the iPod nano Advanced Screen Protector

Proporta iPod nano screen protector

Introduction As I indicated in my review for the iPod nano case, it did not take long after the nano launch for stories to surface about how vulnerable the screens were to scratches and worse. Fortunately, companies like Proporta and its site were ahead of the curve and were already offering a number of different options to protect the nanos. If a […]

Apple introduces iPod nano

The Apple mini is not moving to solid state, flash storage as had been anticipated earlier. Instead, it will make way for the iPod nano which willl make use of flash storage like the iPod shuffle. Two models (2GB and 4GB) were unveiled at Apple’s September 7th special event, both with a 1.5-inch colour screen. The nano is very thin […]