iPAQ hw6500 ROM Update Released

iPAQ hw6500

HP has released version 1.12 of the iPAQ hw6500 ROM. It comes with a number of fixes and one enhancement:

  • Fixes issue where an incorrect Cellular Service Provider Name was displayed after inserting a SIM from a different Service Provider
  • Fixes issue where a blank screen was displayed when a SIM card, which has SIM Tool Kit enabled, is inserted
  • Fixes issue where the connecting ring tone was louder when using a headset to place an outgoing call
  • Fixes memory leakage issue in the GSM radio firmware that may have contributed to occasional disconnected calls and an inability to place outgoing calls
  • Adds GSM support for Enhanced Network Selection (ENS), which is required by some Cellular Service Providers
  • And more

Note that this a full ROM update and all user data and programs as well as partnership information will be erased in this process. Also make sure you read all the instructions and prerequisites before attempting to flash your ROM.

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