Linux PDAs live on: Zaurus SL-C3200 unveiled

Sharp SL-C3200

Sharp has updated its Zaurus PDA lineup with the SL-C3200, a Linux clamshell PDA that comes with a 6GB hard drive. It will only be released in Japan.

Like its predecessor (SL-C3000), the SL-C3200 comes with an Intel 416MHz processor, 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM, SD and CF slots and a 3.7-inch VGA screen. The big change is the bump in the microdrive from 4GB to 6GB. It runs the Lineo uLinux operating system.

Unforunately, the SL-C3200 lacks both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. I think that this will limit its appeal to a niche audience only.

It is expected to hit Japanese streets on March 17th.