Movie and TV downloads coming to Xbox 360

Xbox Live movie downloads

Xbox Live Video is coming to the Xbox and bringing with it high definition television shows and movies. The new service should launch on November 22 (the day the Xbox 360 turns one oddly enough) with some 800 hours of SDTV (standard definition TV) and 200 hours of HDTV. Pricing information was not released but will be available prior to the launch but the currency will be Microsoft points.

Among the content providers are CBS, MTV, Warner Bros and Paramount with such offerings as Batman Forever, CSI, Nacho Libre, the original Star Trek series and fights from Ultimate Fighting Championship. TV shows will be available for purchase but movies will be 24 hour rentals. Content will only be downloadable to Xbox 360 drives.

Microsoft did not make any hard drive announcements so it will be interesting to see the reaction of people trying to juggle this new content (1 hour of HDTV will be about 2.2 GB and an HD movie will be about 4-5MB) on the 20GB Xbox hard drives.

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