Dopod and HTC Windows Mobile 6 upgrade information?

It looks like Dopod has published dates for the release of its Windows Mobile 6 upgrades. Engadget Mobile has the details: The Dopod 810 (HTC P3600), 838Pro (HTC TyTn), U1000 (HTC Advantage) and P800w (P3300) upgrades are expected July 6th, July 9th, July 11th and July 13th respectively. But the link that they provide is no longer available.

Has anyone been able to download either the Dopod 810 or 838Pro upgrades (Your device serial number will be required for the download)?

Meanwhile, French site Mobinaute is reporting that HTC plans to release the French versions of its Windows Mobile 6 upgrades in August. Originally, HTC had announced that upgrades for the HTC X7500 Advantage, HTC P4350, HTC S620, HTC TyTN and HTC P3300 would be available in June.

What’s not so clear is whether the French versions will be released after English and other versions or if all upgrades will be released in August. If we assume the latter, HTC users are in for a bit more waiting…