A look at the mobile phone market in 10 years

Crystal ball

Gazing into a crystal ball can be a lot of fun. Strategy Analytics has published a report that looks at some trends that will drive the mobile handset industry over the next ten years.

We can expect that all our phones will effectively be smartphones equipped with a wide screen, a decent keyboard and a dense long-lasting battery. Technologies such as rollable displays will let manufacturers introduce completely new form factors. Phones will also continue to see an increase in the number of radios that they contain. By 2018, we could see phones with WAN, MAN, LAN and PAN radios.

Consumers will also have the ability to design and purchase their phones online in a process very similar to how we can configure and buy computers online today. Mobile Device Management (MDM) will also be used much more extensively.

The full report is available to Strategy Analytics paid subscribers.

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