Bell Mobility Q4 2008 product roadmap revealed?

Bell Mobility

The Boy Genius Report have gotten their hands on the Q4 2008 handset roadmap for Bell Mobility). It looks like there will be plenty of goodies just in time for Christmas.

In early November, Bell will launch the HTC Touch Diamond (with 200 songs preloaded if I’m reading this correctly), the LG Reveal (with “Shimmer Kit” which consists of a case and crystal-covered headset) and Samsung Cleo, The BlackBerry Bold will launch on November 21st. The Sanyo Pro 200 and Pro 700 will follow by the end of November. The HTC Touch Pro will make its Bell debut in early December.

Bell is also set to introduce some changes to its monthly plans. Monthly roll-over minutes will be introduced as well as a new CAD$15 per month unlimited SMS and voicemail plan. Customers will also be able to buy a CAD$30/month data plan without a voice plan but there are no details on data limits.

There is one more nugget: Bell is apparently set to hop on the Google Android bandwagon sometime in 2009 with a Motorola phone.

The Boy Genius also has details on upcoming devices and service plans for Solo Mobile network (Bell’s prepaid mobility service) if you’re interested.

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