Globalive drops clues about upcoming mobile service

Having secured 30 wireless licenses in Canada’s last wireless spectrum auction, Globalive Communications Corp. CEO Anthony Lacavera dropped a few hints about what the company intends to do with them. The first mobile phone plans it rolls out are likely to be flat-rate plans that also come with unlimited texting. It could also bundle other services and drop the access fees that other carriers charge. Lacavera also promises that cellphone bills will be easy to understand.

In order to establish a national presence, the company will need to find a partner in Quebec though. It was unable to secure any spectrum in the province as Videotron Ltd managed to win all of the new bandwidth in the last auction. Many industry analysts expect that the two companies could announce a partnership. Details about such a deal (or one with another carrier) are expected in the fall.

Globalive will target both consumers as well as small and medium sized businesses.

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