HTC releases Touch Diamond ROM with support for 850MHz band (Updated)

HTC Touch DiamondHTC has released a new ROM (dated 2008/07/23) for the HTC Touch Diamond. Among the fixes and enhancements is one of particular interest: The addition of support for the 850MHz GSM band, finally making it a quad-band GSM device. While this is good news, the Touch Diamond is still lacking support for the North American 3G bands, leaving you with an EDGE data connection if you’re using the model currently available in Europe and Asia.

Hopefully this means that a North American GSM variant of the HTC Touch Diamond is near. Its cousin, the CDMA variant of the HTC Touch Pro has already received FCC approval.

Note: The download is available through the HTC e-Club via HTC Asia. A free registration to the HTC e-Club is required.

Update: Among the other changes, the TouchFLO 3D interface has been tweaked for better performance again, including load time of the home page and tab switching speed. Smaller fixes include a fix for the issue where the screen tended to shut off five seconds after a user had woken it up during a call and a new random access bar to select weather information for various cities.

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