T-Mobile to start up 3G with voice only


T-Mobile USA is set to launch its 3G network on May 1st. Unfortunately for all those rejoicing at the news, it will be a voice-only service. According to a leaked internal memo:

3G is the next generation of our wireless network, following our current GSM network. In this early phase of our network evolution, 3G is a new technology for carrying wireless voice calls and supporting existing data capabilities on our network. In future phases, this next generation network will power ‘high-speed’ (3G) products and services that connect customers in new and exciting ways. … Inform customers who are interested in high-speed data that the first phase of our 3G roll out supports voice only.

T-Mobile has not indicated when it will actually start using its new 3G service for data. Until then (whenever that is), customers will need to continue to use the slower EDGE for data services.

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