HTC Mondrian and HTC Mozart to come with Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Windows Phone

New evidence suggesting that the HTC Mondrian will be among if not the first HTC device to use Windows Phone 7 has been found in an XML user agent profile file found on the HTC site. And it is not alone: A second user profile was found for a device known as the HTC Mozart. Both device profiles have a browser ID of “Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile 7” suggesting that both will come with Windows Phone 7.

The user profiles reveal that both devices will come with WVGA displays and will not have physical keyboards. Both will also come with Bluetooth (with A2DP) connectivity.

Past HTC Mondrian rumours suggested that it would come with a 1.3GHz Qualcomm QSD8650A/B chipset (which supports UMTS and CDMA 3G connectivity), a 4.3-inch WVGA display, a digital compass, and at least a 5MP camera capable of HD video recording.

There is no word on availability but it is possible that one or both could hit the street by the end of the year.

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