Next Android version to be called Ice Cream Sandwich?

Google Android logoGoogle could announce the next version of its Android mobile operating system as early as next week’s Google I/O conference. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO at the time, already confirmed at MWC 2011 that it will “start with an I, be named after a dessert.”

Rumours that the version after Honeycomb (Android 3.0) would be called Ice Cream surfaced as far back as October 2010. A recent bug report now suggests that it could go under the name of “Ice Cream Sandwich.”

Schmidt also revealed this latest version will re-unify the Android platform currently split between Android 3.0 for tablets and Android 2.x for smaller-screened devices such as smartphones.

It remains to be seen what version number Ice Cream Sandwich will carry. Could it be version 4.0 as rumoured back in October?

Source : Google