Ice Cream Sandwich

Jelly Bean now on 54.5% of Android devices with KitKat staking out 1.1%

Android version distribution - December 2013

The latest installment of the Android Platform Versions report is out. As usual, it tracks the devices that accessed the Google Play Store in the prior 7 days and provides a summary of the Android versions seen over the previous seven days. Designed to help developers decide which versions to support in their apps, it also continues to give us […]

Android 4.0 upgrade now available for Bell LG Optimus LTE

Good news for Bell LG Optimus LTE owners today. Bell today announced that the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade is now available. It will bring up your device to software version LG-P930-V20e. The update requires the LG Mobile Support Tool and will not be provided in an OTA version. Bell has instructions on how to perform LG smartphone updates […]

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich now on 16% of Android devices

The adoption of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich continues to gather steam. According to the latest Android Developers distribution numbers, Android 4.0 now accounts for 15.9% of Android devices that have accessed Google Play within the last 14-day period, up from 10.9% about a month ago. Here are the full numbers: Version Codename API Level Distribution 1.5 Cupcake 3 0.2% […]

HTC provides further details on HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 update decision

HTC today provided additional information as to why it finally decided to cancel the HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 update. The move comes after confusion and a lot of back-and-forth on whether it would offer it or not. HTC explains that the decision came down to two reasons: The first has to do with how storage is implemented on the […]

TELUS LG Optimus LTE Android 4.0 update slips to August 20th

In the latest version of its “Device OS Upgrade schedule,” TELUS indicates that the Android 4.0 upgrade for the LG Optimus LTE has slipped to August 20th. Earlier this month, it had been scheduled for August 7th. While TELUS provides no explanation for the delay, the fact that the testing status shows “OEM not yet submitted” suggests that LG has […]

No Android 4.0 upgrade for LG Optimus 2X in Canada

LG Canada looks set to not follow in its corporate parent’s footsteps in offering an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the dual-core LG Optimus 2X. While LG confirmed such plans last November (and even reconfirmed in December), LG Canada today revealed via Twitter that it had no plans to offer the update in Canada: The Optimus 2X […]

HTC confirms Desire HD will not be upgraded to Android 4.0

It would appear that the saga of whether HTC would offer an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for the HTC Desire HD or not has finally come to an end. HTC today posted on its blog that an upgrade will not be offered: After extensive testing, we’ve determined that the current version of HTC Sense with Android provides customers […]

HTC revises Desire HD Android 4.0 update statement

More confusion is now swirling around whether or not HTC will release a HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 update. Two days ago, HTC appeared committed to delivering Ice Cream Sandwich updates to both the HTC Desire HD and Desire S. Today, HTC changed its previous statement, indicating now that it is still analyzing the possibility of such an update: “HTC […]