BlackBerry 10 Slider ‘Milan’ cancelled?

It could be a case of ‘We hardly knew you.’ N4BB is reporting that Research In Motion has cancelled the BlackBerry 10 slider codenamed Milan. According to the source, the decision is due to “an issue with hardware.”

Rumoured BlackBerry Milan

N4BB adds that the Milan was to have come with a 4.2-inch display. RIM may have found that the combination of portrait slider form factor and large display resulted in an awkward design. It remains to be seen if the portrait slider will make a return with an updated design.

RIM is still rumoured to have four other devices in development with the BlackBerry London likely to be the first to be released. The first of these is expected to launch late this year. Development has been held up as RIM waits for a a new LTE dual-core Qualcomm chipset. Rumours are suggesting that delays are due to software development being behind schedule.

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