BlackBerry Milan

Rumour: BlackBerry M-Series to be third RIM BlackBerry 10 device series

Research In Motion

Rumours have already suggested that RIM will have two lines of BlackBerry 10 devices, the L-Series and N-Series. Multiple devices will be offered eventually in both series. It also appears that the Milan slider, which had been cancelled some time ago as RIM focused on a smaller number of devices, will be resurrected as the BlackBerry M-Series. The BlackBerry M-Series […]

Rumour: RIM still working on BlackBerry 10 slider

Older rumours suggested that Research In Motion was at one point working on several different BlackBerry 10 devices. Then came word that RIM was cancelling all but one BlackBerry 10 device codenamed London. Among the casualties was a BlackBerry 10 slider codenamed Milan. It now appears that RIM may still be working on such a device. According to a N4BB […]

RIM now focusing on single BlackBerry 10 device?

On the heels of yesterday’s report that Research In Motion cancelled the BlackBerry Milan, BGR has learned that the company is now focusing on a single BlackBerry 10 device, the BlackBerry London. The BlackBerry Colt, once rumoured to be the first BlackBerry 10 device, has also been cancelled. RIM is already in talks with carriers about the BlackBerry London. The […]

Rumour: 2012 BlackBerry BBX roadmap revealed

It looks like CrackBerry has received enough information from its sources to piece together what could be Research In Motion’s 2012 roadmap for BBX-powered smartphones. A total of five devices are identified, four being smartphones and another potentially being a new PlayBook tablet. First up is the recently leaked BlackBerry London. It could launch as early as March but this […]