HTC open to licensing RIM’s BlackBerry 10 OS?

HTCResearch In Motion has been open about its desire to license its BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system to other manufacturers. While most rumours have focused on Samsung, RIM may have another option: HTC.

Graham Wheeler, director of product management for EMEA at HTC, today told Mobile Magazine,

“‘I don’t have any knowledge but that is not to say we are not looking at it. But from my point of view we are not saying we are closed to a new operating system. We will review each one to make sure it’s the best for our customers.”

HTC’s fortunes have flagged in the last quarters and the company is looking to reverse its fortunes. It is widely expected to announce Windows Phone 8 devices such as the HTC 8X (Accord) later this month. Licensing BlackBerry 10 could be another part of its strategy to differentiate itself from its competitors.

We could hear more about this once BlackBerry 10 launches and HTC and other potential licensees have had a chance to gauge customer reaction to it.

Read more: Mobile Magazine (Source: CrackBerry)