More on the TELUS now “suspended” HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 upgrade

HTC Desire HDLast week, TELUS updated its “Device OS Upgrade schedule” to indicate that the planned HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 upgrade had been cancelled due to “poor device performance during testing.” Things got a bit confusing when HTC issued a statement that it was still planning to deliver this upgrade. MobileSyrup reached out to TELUS and HTC Canada to try to get to the bottom of this.

While HTC Canada is still finalizing its statement, TELUS has indicated that “the decision to suspend the software for this device was made by HTC, not TELUS.” It added that “the software was not suspended due to its incompatibility with TELUS software or applications.”

TELUS is also open to the idea of once again planning to offer the Android 4.0 upgrade to its customers “if HTC should take this upgrade out of a suspended status.”

Keep the faith, TELUS HTC Desire HD owners! You may yet see that upgrade!

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